Genplan Pro Font Family

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Genplan Pro is a display family of six typographic layers with a retro feeling. They could be stacked upon each other or could be used separately. Genplan Pro is based on the lettering in the title of the general plan of Moscow of 1935. It supports all European languages including Greek, and many Cyrillic languages including the Asian ones. It has uppercase and small-caps letters.

It also includes currency signs for Russian Rouble, Ukrainan Hryvnia and Kazakh Tenge. It has many alternate glyphs, Ukrainian regular ligatures, discretionary ligatures, language based alternates for Polish (the kreska), Albanian (the shape of J) and Bulgarian (triangular Д and Л).

It has subscript and superscript figures, also it includes AA and aa ligatures, OO and oo discretionary ligatures, correct Polish accents and Bulgarian characters by opentype language feature, some stylistic alternates, such as a capital ß (and a small capital ß) instead of a ‘SS’ character. All alternates are also accessible throughout stylistic sets 01-06.

As a typeface designed for display purposes, it’s great for use in logos and headlines.

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