Intersans Font Family

This is my biggest project of last three years. Truly international, very multilingual sans serif family.

Intersans is a modern looking sans serif font family that supports Extended Latin, Extended Cyrillic, Polytonic Greek, Armenian, Georgian and Hebrew. It also includes true italics, small caps, small caps italics and a lot of pictograms.

It is still a work in progress, I’m making other weights and kerning.

IntersansSpecimen-01IntersansSpecimen-02 IntersansSpecimen-03 IntersansSpecimen-04 IntersansSpecimen-05 IntersansSpecimen-06 IntersansSpecimen-07 IntersansSpecimen-08 IntersansSpecimen-09 IntersansSpecimen-10 IntersansSpecimen-11 IntersansSpecimen-12 IntersansSpecimen-13 IntersansSpecimen-14 IntersansSpecimen-15

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