Roman Metro Map


As I’ve designed the metro map of Milan, it was featured on many Italian news sites and blogs. It was published in the Milano city map, Where Milan magazine and I’ve presented it on the EXPO2015 in Milan, together with FAIS Onlus.
After this massive success, the publishing house of Where Milan, the Gruppo Proedi, has commissioned me the metro map of Rome.
This map of Roman metro is based on hexagonal grid. It’s the ultimate transport map of metro and local railways, where all lines are explicitly indicated, making it easy to find your way in the eternal city and the suburbs. The rivers, the sea and the urban fare zone (tariffa urbana) on the map facilitates this task even more.
Specifically for this map, I’ve designed a new typeface from scratch. I’ve called it Tiberino Sans. It’s a humanistic sans serif with the uppercase modeled after the classic roman stone engravings and the lowercase has all the required characteristics of highly legible type. All similar letters look different to avoid possible confusions. The lowercase has very tall x-height and slightly condensed widths, making it work perfectly in limited space on the map, both in small and large sizes. Also, I’ve designed a true italic Tiberino for secondary station names. Tiberino typeface will be available for sale in 2016!
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